In the case of a fire always use stairs unless otherwise instructed

Familiarize yourself with the diagram below and learn the ways you can exit the building in an emergency. In the event of a fire, stay calm. Notify the fire department and follow their directions. If you must take immediate action, use your judgment as to the safest course of action, guided by the following information. There is a diagram to the left of the elevator on each floor above the lobby level, which shows you the location of the two stairways on your floor.

Ways you can exit the building

  • Main entrance in lobby of the building exits onto 19th Street.
  • Rear yard door next to laundry room exits rear yard with no access to street.
  • Basement service entrance south side exits upstairs to 19th Street.
  • Stairwell A, goes from the roof to the lobby.
  • Stairwell B, goes from the roof to the basement, with no exit at the lobby level.

If the fire is in your apartment

  • Close the door to the room where the fire is and leave the apartment.
  • Make sure everyone leaves the apartment with you.
  • Choose a pre-determined location outside the building to meet members of your household.
  • Take your keys.
  • Close, but do not lock, the apartment door.
  • Alert people on your floor by knocking on their doors on your way out.
  • Do not take the elevator.
  • Use the nearest stairs to leave the building.
  • Do not assume the fire has been reported unless the fire department is on the scene.
  • When you reach a safe location, call 911.
  • Notify the firefighters if anyone is unaccounted for.

If the fire is not in your apartment

  • Stay inside your apartment and wait for firefighters unless conditions become too dangerous.
  • If you must leave, feel the door and doorknob for heat. If they are not hot, open the door slightly and check the hallway for smoke, heat or fire. 
  • If you can exit safely, follow the instructions above for a fire in your apartment.
  • If you cannot exit safely, call 911. Tell them your address, floor and apartment number, and the number of people with you.
  • Seal the door to your apartment with wet towels or sheets, and seal air ducts or other openings where smoke may enter.
  • Open windows slightly unless flames and smoke are coming from below.
  • Do not break windows.
  • If conditions become life-threatening, open a window and wave a towel or sheet to attract the attention of firefighters.
  • If smoke worsens, get down on the floor and take short breaths through your nose.
  • If possible, go to a balcony or terrace away from the source of the fire.