1. Can I move in or out on a weekend?

No. All moves must be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. No moves are allowed on holidays. This rule applies to both owners and renters. For further information on this, see Moving.

2. Am I required to pay a deposit when I move in or out?

Yes. A deposit must be paid to the management company before you move. Once the move is completed, and if no damages occurred, then the deposit will be returned. For further information on this, see Fees.

3. As a rental tenant am I allowed to sublet my apartment?

No. For further information on this, see Subletting.

4. Am I allowed to rent my apartment for hotel-like purposes, i.e. Airbnb, HomeAway, etc.?

No. This is strictly forbidden, see Subletting.

5. Can I have large items delivered on the weekend?

No. Delivery of large or numerous items must be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. For further information on this, see Deliveries.

6. Must the Superintendent be present when I move or have large items delivered?

Yes. You must inform the Superintendent in advance and he must be present while the move or delivery is taking place. He will hang padding inside the elevator to prevent damage to the walls of the cab. 

7. What are the dimensions of the elevator?

The approximate dimensions of the elevator are 49" deep, 105" high and 77" wide. The door when open is 41" wide and 83" high. 

8. Are there any rules regarding houseguests?

Yes. If guests stay for more than two weeks when you are not in residence, you must submit their names and permanent addresses to the management company. If you are in residence then you are not required to inform the management company regardless of how long guests stay. For further information on this, see Subletting

9. Are pets allowed?

Yes. Dog owners must clean up after their pets as required by New York City law. Dogs must be kept on a leash whenever they are in the common areas of the building. If you have a cat, do not put kitty litter down the compactor chute or flush it down the toilet. It should be taken to the basement and placed in the proper container. For further information on pets, see rule 16 in the Rules

10. Where do I put my trash and recycling?

Floors 2–9 have compactor rooms located in the hall to the right of the elevator. All regular bagged garbage should go down the chute. Recyclables should be place in the proper containers. Items that are too large to fit in the containers or that are dangerous, such as broken glass, should be taken to the basement. Do not put items that are prohibited down the compactor chute. These items can clog the chute, damage the compactor and harm building employees who must deal with the trash at the other end. There is a list of prohibited items above the chute door. For tenants living on the first floor the compactor chute is located inside the door to the right of the mirror in the lobby. There are no recycling bins inside this room; all recyclables should be taken to the basement. For more information on this, see Recycling

11. Is there a laundry room in the building?

Yes. It is located through the door to the right of the elevator in the lobby and down a flight of stairs. There are four washing machines and four dryers which cost $2.25 each. Please be considerate of your neighbors when doing laundry and don't leave your washing in the machines past the finish time. 

12. Can I park a bike or a stroller in the common areas of the building?

No. These items must be kept in your apartment. There is an outdoor storage area in the rear yard for bikes. It is not protected from the weather. For more information on this, see rules 26-28 in the Rules.

13. What if I lose my keys?

Residents are required to leave a set of keys with the Superintendent. If you are locked out you may contact the Superintendent between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you have not given a set of keys to the Superintendent, or if he is off duty, you must hire a locksmith, at your own expense, to enter your apartment. For more information on keys and access rights, see rules 36 and 37 in the Rules.

14. Can I ask a building employee to do a private job in my apartment?

No. Residents may not ask building employees or representatives of the management company to perform any private work for them unless it is approved by the Board. For further information on this, see rules 22 and 38 in the Rules

15. Am I required to use licensed and insured contractors when doing renovations?

Yes. You are required to use professional contractors for all renovations and repairs. The management company must be informed of any work you are doing and the proper papers must be submitted to them. For more information see Renovations

16. Can construction debris be put in the regular trash?

No. All construction debris must be removed either by your contractor or by a private carter. 

17. What kind of building is 445 West 19th Street?

445 West 19th Street is a condominium. 

18. Does 445 West 19th Street have a name?

Yes. The building is also known as Chatham in Chelsea. 

19. How is the building listed with the City of New York?

It is listed with the City of New York Department of Buildings as building no. 140649. 

20. When was the building built?

The building was completed in 1988.

21. How many Board members are there and who are they?

There are seven elected members on The Board. The current Board officers and members are listed below:

Elton Wells, President
Frank Bonura, Vice President
Robert Taylor, Treasurer
Caroline Chinlund, Secretary
Carole Delsignore
David Hall
Jenna Marrone

22. Can I attend Board meetings?

No. The only people allowed at Board meetings are the members of the Board and representatives of the management company. However, there is an annual meeting of Unit Owners. 

23. When is the annual meeting of Unit Owners?

The annual meeting of Unit Owners is held in September. This meeting is for Unit Owners only, rental tenants are not allowed to attend.

24. If my question wasn't answered here who should I contact?

If you have questions unanswered here, contact the Superintendent, or Ralph Davis of ABC Realty, see Contact.